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Seatrade shipped 13 incubators, 1 Babytherm8010, 10 complete beds and a large box with incontinence material and sanitary towels to Suriname.

The incubators were donated by the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) after revision by Messrs. Draeger, the manufacturer of the incubators. The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis (ETZ) from Tilburg provided for the beds with anti-decubitus mattress and motor. 

The project was initiated by Ms. Milaya Guilamme Ajadeen-Bragini. Through her daughter who works at the hospital in Groningen she learned that incubators were being discarded while in all of Suriname there is only one. 

She wrote:

[…] The hospitals in Suriname are in distress and in the danger zone. They are currently unable to provide adequate pediatric care due to the precarious socio-economic conditions. This is especially true for intensive care for both newborns and older children. The continuation of this care has been seriously jeopardized for several months now due to the shortage of sufficient specialized nursing staff, essential medicines, resources and equipment.

This means that intensive care (IC) and high care (HC) beds have to be closed for the little ones in hospitals. Premature babies (particularly between 27 and 30 weeks gestational age) and very sick term newborns are currently dying unnecessarily.

Heartbreaking for parents and an unacceptable low for pediatricians in Suriname.

Then we have menstrual poverty. Young girls don’t go to school because they don’t have sanitary pads and senior citizens have no incontinence material.

I cannot help with the shortage of specialized nurses, essential medicines and resources, however I cán with incubators, beds, sanitary pads and incontinence material […]

Joining forces with Seatrade, Essex Freight and some other parties, the relief goods were succesfully shipped to Suriname.

Thanks to relentless efforts of Milaya Guilamme Ajadeen-Bragini this wonderful project got shape and we feel grateful to have been able to contribute.  

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