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What is the Seatrade Standard?

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Can't find answers to your questions?
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T: +31 (0) 50 5215300

Making a difference
The human factor in shipping is the decisive factor for success. Closely related to our vessels performance, which is always in the focus of our attention. Every employee of Seatrade is committed to contribute to our goal, providing first class quality shipmanagement service, ensuring availability and quality against competitive costs. We wish to further improve on safety and the way we interact with each other. We feel there is a lot to be gained in unity, communication between ship and shore, and safe operation of our ships. That is why we incorporated the“Seatrade Standard”.

Commitment to our Seatrade Standard
As an aid for performance improvement, the “Seatrade Standard” offers a clear framework to work within.

  1. Commit to safety conscious and environmental friendly practices.
  2. Communicate openly and effectively within a culture of tolerance both onboard as well as ashore.
  3. Care for a clean ship, a friendly crew and a good condition of the cargo, well representing the company.
  4. Convince by performance, take pride in your job and be responsible, both as an individual and as a team.
  5. Combine a costs conscious attitude with high commercial awareness.
  6. Continue improvement and development of employees and vessels.

Mark Jansen, Managing Director of Seatrade Groningen: “For Seatrade’s shipmanagement it is important that each vessel and her crew reflect the Standard image, it is important for all staff, both onboard and ashore. This is why the management has organized a series of workshops in The Netherlands, Russia and the Philippines for all shore staff and onboard management.”

Our organization: different nationalities, different tasks, but having one shared mental model
The safe and efficient operation of ships requires seafarers with proven professional and managerial skills. Our organization is multinational with a worldwide network of offices, and dedicated staff  onboard and ashore having different tasks, but we all share the same values:

The Seatrade Standard
Our responsibility is to create and to enhance a Shared Mental Model (SMM), ensuring the right things are done. We share our knowledge  and exchange our experiences through the entire organization, with regular meetings, visits, a crew familiarization program and our self-designed Management and Leadership Development Program, both for ashore and onboard staff.

What is in it for you
As a partner/client you have direct influence on our activities around full ship management. You can decide to which extend you would like to use our service and expertise. Be part of our shared mental model!

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