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Hispafrio was founded  in 1981 with shipping business as social object and transport of reefer cargo as core business. We are tuna specialized reefer shipping leader in Spain.

Through the years, together with Seatrade and GreenSea we have developed new trades and liner services in Argentina, the Americas, Oceania and West Africa; also short-sea shipping routes with Algeria, North Europe, Russia and even on RoRo ships with Asalines between Spain and Italy.

As part of SK B&T Global Network, we also arrange the supply of offshore bunkers all over the world to fishing vessels, merchant and drilling ships, oil rigs, etc. SK&BT supplied more than 1.000.000 tons per year all along West Africa, the Pacific , the Indian Ocean and also in the Falklands.

On Cargo Insurance, our knowledge of the sector and the Spanish market lead us to understand better customer needs and the necessity to deal with experts in perishable cargoes such as Fester & Co.

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